Working on an Airport: A Case Study

Our project at the Perth International Airport recently came to a close after a busy and complex 6 months. The successful fitout of the Duty Free Departures areas came as a result of a carefully managed project that provided us with a lot of learning experiences. The project brief was exciting – to complete a new fitout of all the Duty Free areas at Terminal 1 – the Perth International Airport, within a very condensed timeframe.


The first challenge to address was the integration of our international clients with their international team of workers, and our local consultant team in Perth. When we came onto the job, the initial design and documentation had been completed by the client’s team in the UK. The difficulty of this was that the materials selected and the specifications used were from Europe. These selections had to be re- specified in Australian materials and products – surprisingly few of which are common to both countries.


As much of the lighting and fit-out joinery came from China, ensuring compliance with the Australian Standards was particularly challenging. Many compliance documents sent were not from reputable certifiers and upon arrival, inspection revealed that a lot of equipment was found non-compliant and had to be rectified at the supplier cost. Any extra time required to ensure the safety of all products causes delays and puts additional pressure on the management of the project to achieve the tight deadlines. Consequently, a procedure to prevent this reoccurring developed, firstly, request certificates of compliance from an Australian Certifying company and not accept any unknown compliance certification. Secondly, ensure the electrical contractor inspects all equipment as soon as it arrives and before installation, if in doubt the equipment was to be replaced with compliant Australian equipment at the supplier’s cost. This would minimise the risk of engaging suppliers whose products do not meet the Australian Standards, therefore reducing any time wasted in waiting for the supplier to rectify their product.


The next challenge that arose was the logistics of working within an operational airport. The works were required to be carried out in stages to enable the Duty Free store to remain partly operational throughout the project. This in itself was complex, as services to the functioning areas had to be maintained, and the highest standards of public safety had to be ensured as the construction was in such proximity to the public.


Perth Airport understandably has very strict conditions in regards to safety, security, and procedures. Considerable amounts of time were required to be spent on site in negotiations and applications for approvals from Perth Airport to ensure the safety and building, operations, and retail arms of PAPL were aware and agreed to all of the works and programming of them to ensure safety and compliance. The time spent inspecting, answering RFI’s and instructing the contractor and coordinating other contractors and suppliers is significantly higher than for a similar commercial fit-out.


The nature of the Duty Free retail in such public areas meant there were stricter requirements for the quality of finish and robustness. Heavy public traffic and use required very close review of architectural drawings and shop drawings, in addition to detailed defect inspection to meet the quality expectations. This also required very competent and professional contractors and sub-contractors to install products and produce an outcome to the high standards required.


These are just a few glimpses of the complications of this project, to be kept in consideration all while trying to maintain the project cost and timeframe. Overall the project, while complex, was thoroughly successful and we are pleased to have achieved a result that all parties were highly satisfied with. To explore the new areas of the airport inspired by the natural beauty of Australia, head here:

Making Places that Boom: Kylee Schoonens Property Council Panellist

Panelist Property Council Kylee Schoonens

Our director, Kylee Schoonens, has been selected by the Property Council to be a panellist for their event 'Making Places That Boom!' at the end of August. She will discuss what it takes to make successful spaces that people enjoy and are attracted to. The event will feature discussion from a speaker and 3 panellists, including Kylee. Don’t miss the chance to hear about contemporary strategies to put soul into places, personal placemaking stories, and what drives economic success.
It is important that spaces are reflected upon to distil what drives people to or from them. With industry investment into this process we will see better architectural outcomes, which will strengthen the communities that inhabit these spaces and the broader community across Perth.

Come along and listen to the panel's discussion on placemaking in Western Australia. Register here:

Heritage Office - Team Site Visit

Our heritage conversion project in Midland has progressed significantly and we recently took the team out for a site visit to inspect the construction. The project is an enormous beautiful brick building, designed to house different offices and rooms as individual cubes sitting inside the building. This will enable the space of the building to remain as a whole dramatic entity enveloping the smaller spaces without being broken up. The building features some impressive steel beams, beautiful red timber ceiling linings, and a balcony that cuts through the gabled roof to create an extrusion out from the boardroom. A lot of work has been done to carefully preserve and restore the brick walls and the timber structure. The externals of the building will soon be complete and we will see more progress on the interior.



New Aged Care Quality Standards

Aged Care Quality Standards

Hot on the heels of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety that has been underway since October last year, the national Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission has introduced a new national set of standards. The new Aged Care Quality Standards have been in effect from the beginning of this month. These standards apply to all commonwealth funded aged care services, the adoption of which begun to be monitored and assessed from July 1st. There are 8 standards which are focused on driving better consumer outcomes in aged care.

1. Consumer dignity and choice

2. Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers

3. Personal care and clinical care

4. Services and supports for daily living

5. Organisation’s service environment

6. Feedback and complaints

7. Human resources

8. Organisational governance


The resources provided on these 8 standards will enable all aged care providers to meet a base standard level of care agreed upon by the Government with consultation across the industry and consumers. In particular, Standard number 5 is the most pertinent to property developers within the aged care industry as it deals with the physical environment of these facilities.


For more information on these standards and what impact they have on aged care facilities head to the Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission website here:

September CIDN Event


Did you come along to our EOFY celebration at the Shoe? Well our next event is coming up in September – this is a great chance to solidify any contacts/relationships that you made at the July event, or if you didn’t manage to get there, here’s the chance to make some! Register here to join us at the event. It’s free but places are limited so get in before tickets run out. Remember – every opportunity to meet new people opens up fresh perspectives and can change your trajectory within the industry.

The Future of Aged Care: Sustainability

Aged Care Sustainability

The Aged Care property sector is full of complexities and unique challenges, and one interesting aspect that is emerging is the intersection between this industry and sustainability. As Aged Care is booming across Australia we are struggling to keep up with demand, with new developments being built constantly. It is important that sustainable design is not foregone in addressing the myriad of other challenges in Aged Care design.


As the industry is getting a shake up from the Royal Commission, this is a great opportunity to push for sustainability in regards to new developments and their operations. Highly sustainable design is fast becoming demanded as a base standard for developments, and soon will hit the Aged Care sector. As Aged Care developments seek to build & communicate their unique identity to the community, the value of sustainability in its many forms is something that can be adopted and capitalised upon.


Sustainable design is a tool that can increase the operational efficiency of any aged care facility. Incorporating sustainable design features in the development of new buildings or the renovation of existing buildings can result in cost savings in building operations. In addition to solar passive design, a facility’s ability to produce its own electricity, heating, capture rain water, reduce energy and water consumption, and waste reduction and management can reduce the reliance on external non-renewable services, and can help offset running costs. This can free up more money to be spent on improving resident care and enriching the quality of life in the facility.


We believe that the greater incorporation of sustainability into our Aged Care industry can not only reduce our environmental impact but enhance the experience of both residents and staff, and strengthen the position of any Aged Care provider across the industry.

Heritage Office - Steelwork Progress

SBA Steel Construction Progress

Our heritage conversion project for Smith Broughton Auctioneers is making good headway. The steel structure of the building is almost finished. The spaces are taking shape and it will only be a few more weeks until the roof will be on. Have a look at the photos where you can see the impressive beams and the nature of the spaces that are forming.

CIDN End of Financial Year Celebration Success!

CIDN Construction Industry Drinks Networking Perth




What a success last night was! Thank you to all who joined us at the Construction Industry Drinks & Networking EOFY celebration. The Shoe was busy with a great crowd from across the industry – it was great to feel the positive atmosphere from everyone in regards to the year ahead. If you didn’t make it to this event make sure you keep an eye out for the next one. These events are free and open to all – they are a great opportunity for you to take advantage of. There are a lot of passionate people doing innovative things that join us at the CIDN events – you never know who you may meet and what may come of it.

Duty Free Airport Completion!

Our Perth International Airport Duty Free store at Terminal 1 - Departures project has reached completion and opened on June 13. The client and whole team are very happy with the outcome – the Duty Free areas are now very vibrant and contemporary. The materials used bring a lot more visual interest to the areas with a range of colours and textures varying throughout. Curves have been integrated into the different floor coverings, bulkhead forms, and feature lighting, guiding the user through the Duty Free area in an organic way. The design has taken it's cues from WA's stunning diverse landscape and pays respects to our traditional owners through a modern installation. The consolidation of the existing luxury brands, and introduction of many new brands to WA through a well-resolved layout has allowed for a much improved efficiency and customer experience for patrons in the terminal. Watch out for the delivery of Stage 2, in the Arrivals lounge coming soon.

Have a look at the below footage of the opening.

CIDN End of Financial Year Event Invite


After such a success at the last Construction Industry Drinks & Networking event with a massive turn out in March - join us at the next CIDN event on July 4. The event is free and open to anyone – it will be a great opportunity to make some new connections within the construction industry while celebrating the end of the financial year. The event will be at The Shoe in Yagan Square from 5:30pm. Register to secure your place here:

Need some more convincing? Watch this video of the last event:

Reside on Money – Site Work Commencement

Money St Demolition

Work has begun on the site of one of the most sustainable apartment developments in Northbridge! The site is currently being prepared with excavators demolishing the existing building on site, colorbond fencing and clearing the block. Keep your eyes peeled on the Money Street site for construction beginning in the next few months. To read up on the sustainable innovative features of the building head here.


Royal Commission into Aged Care – Property Industry Impact

Royal Commissioners Richard Tracey and Lynelle Briggs are seen at the first public hearing in the federal government's Royal Commission for Aged Care Quality and Safety at the Roma Mitchell Commonwealth Law Court Building in Adelaide, Friday, January 18, 2019. (AAP Image/Kelly Barnes) NO ARCHIVING

With the Government’s announcement last September 2018 for a Royal Commission into aged care, it will be an interesting time within the aged care industry to see what changes will filter through to and have an impact on the property industry. The commission was prompted by the revelations of cases of abuse occurring in aged care facilities with a view to transforming the whole aged care industry to prevent the reoccurrence of such abuse.


A primary outcome of the Royal Commission will be stricter standards and regulations within the aged care industry. It is anticipated that this will naturally alter the aged care built environment, as organisations will be forced to change to cater to the new requirements.


Predicted outcomes such as a mandated number of staff to resident ratios, for instance, would require existing facilities to potentially accommodate increased numbers of carers and necessitate extra staff facilities. If we see changes to the system of Government capped bed licenses such as deregulation, the whole industry would be completely changed. If greater physical oversight is mandated, then we could see the layout of facilities alter so that residents are always in close proximity to a carer or nurse office for easier and greater monitoring of carer/resident interactions and any resident accidents. The introduction of anything from the aforementioned, to requirements for greater technological aids or independent health care professional examination rooms, as examples, would all see aged care facilities alter in their design and requirements.


Deregulation will bring with it changes to care models currently being utilized in aged care homes.  Rather than being limited to care delivered within licenced bed facilities, care could be delivered under more of a user pays model, allowing our ageing population more choice in how and where they wish for their care to be delivered – whether in a traditional aged care facility, or within their own home.  Different accommodation models could come to market, such as senior’s apartment developments that can cater for increased levels of care and palliation as required.


This increased demand could provide new investment opportunities for organisations and investors however this will hinge on what the actual regulatory and funding outcomes of the Royal Commission final report will be, to be released by the end of April 2020.


While this is all postulation until next year, it is vital that we keep the principles behind this Royal Commission in mind while we plan and design current aged care facilities – that is that every person should be treated with dignity and respect, and our aged care facilities should do what they can to protect vulnerable older people and encourage them to live their best life.  Fratelle Group is staying abreast of all of these changes, and currently implementing them into a number of aged care developments we are working on.  For further information or to see how we can assist you with the delivery of your next asset, please get in touch.


More details on the Royal Commission are available on their website:

Reside on Money - Design WA Inclusion


House and apartment guide for better design

With Design WA being publicly released in February 2019, it is exciting to see what positive changes these new guidelines will bring to the industry and we are happy to have contributed to the process.  A comprehensive consultation process was undertaken by the Department of Planning to determine the new guides, and our Directors Kylee and Adrian were a part of the working group of practitioners who were consulted for the guides. Through our involvement with Design WA, we have a deep understanding for the change in design requirements, and have already been incorporating these good design principles into practice in our designs over the last three years. One of our current apartment developments projects, Reside on Money in Perth, is featured in the Design WA handbook, as an exemplar for the process, and how innovation and sound design principles drive good community outcomes.


The Reside on Monday project introduces a number of elements into the design that will ensure resident comfort and amenity is maximised, whilst reducing the overall building impact on the environment.  The development is designed to respond to the existing character of Money Street, while adding to the amenity of the future development of the area. As Money Street evolves over time, the design will be able to transition seamlessly between the old and the new building fabric on the street.  The design was developed through consultation with the local government and residents, and fine-tuned based on the responses. Ideas like reducing the bulk onto Money Street and increased landscaping on the building façade, including deep root zones has been incorporated in response to community consultation.  The design strives to achieve a number of sustainability objectives, including increased solar energy use, reduced water usage and cross flow ventilation, while using modular construction to restrict the level of waste during the construction process.


The double aspect apartments take into account not only the northern sunlight but also the city views to the south.  Sustainable initiatives, including solar tractile panels, geothermal water heating, increased natural lighting to all rooms, cross flow ventilation and thermal banking, electric car charging stations, car and scooter hire is all being included to push the boundaries of sustainability whilst reducing ongoing costs for the lifecycle of the building.


For those who are unaware of what Design WA is, it is an initiative by the WA Government to reform the design planning industry to improve the quality of the built environment. This will see better outcomes for new buildings and communities across the state.  This is an important first step to ensure our city and the required increased density to reduce our urban sprawl across Perth is introduced whilst not reducing lifestyle or amenity for residents living within smaller spaces.  The approach from Design WA to apartment design is a next-generation response to the concerns about built form outcomes that were coming from the Residential Design Codes to multi-residential design.  The new codes will also aim to change community attitudes regarding poor design and built-form outcomes that have somewhat plagued opinions towards higher density in WA.


At present, the first stage of this planning overhaul process has been completed which focussed on the general quality of the built environment, apartment developments & how local governments can set up design review panels. For more information about Design WA, go to this website for a thorough run-through of the changes, the documents released, and future timelines:

Construction Industry Drinks & Networking

Our director, Adrian, is on the committee for the Construction Industry Drinks & Networking Perth branch. This organisation provides regular events which encourage building relationships within the construction industry. Everyone is welcome at these events which are usually hosted after work hours at The Shoe, in Yagan Square. The last event in March was a huge success, and the next one will be July 4th as an End of Financial Year celebration. Give the video below a watch to see what a typical event entails:

Smith Broughton Auctioneers - Office Construction Progress

We are currently working on a project for Smith Broughton Auctioneers in Midland. This project began as challenge to restore a historic building on the site and give it a new life as SBA's headquarters. The project is now in its construction phase and is starting to reveal the great outcome that is on the way. Have a look at some progress photos below, taken by Smith Broughton Auctioneers:

IMG_3218 IMG_3223 IMG_3254DCIM100MEDIADJI_0199.JPG

Perth International Airport - Duty Free Construction Update

We are seeing quick progress at the Perth International Airport. Below are some on-site shots of our project for Duty Free. It is still a work in progress but we love the outcome so far, especially the Australian aesthetic to a lot of the areas. Watch this space for more updates on the project...


Snapseed (5) Snapseed (2) IMG_7950

'The Residence' Scarborough Apartments - Now Under Offer

Have a look at these boutique apartments on offer in Scarborough that we designed. The design for this apartment building was for something a bit different to the high rise apartment towers popping up all over the place. This smaller development features apartments that are all unique rather than the typical cookie cutter style you see of repeated layouts in most apartment buildings. Find out more or register your interest here:

Internal Render_No Watermark_7_edited_2



Two Years Ago Today: The Guildford Hotel Belvedere

This time back in 2016, the Belvedere was restored to the Guildford Hotel. It was a beautiful sunny Saturday morning, there was about 400 locals who came, drank coffee and watched the beautiful Belvedere launched from the site lay down area, to it’s rightful place back on top of the Hotel. A favourite memory was the round of appreciative applause as the belvedere came to rest. Here is a video of the process and a few shots of construction progress for your viewing pleasure as well. Great memories from a great project!

Belvedere SS

What does 2019 hold in store for the property industry?


Last year was a challenging one across the property industry with a lot of vacancies, both in the commercial and residential sector, which saw developers proceed with greater caution. This year it seems that the property industry is in for an upswing. Better predictions for the residential market, dropping commercial vacancy rates and trends indicate that across the board there will be recovery in the industry.

On the home front we have a few big projects that will come to fruition this year, including some multi-residential developments, commercial fitouts and aged care developments. Hopefully this positivity spreads and Perth continues to see great developments enhance our city.

Perth 2019


Happy New Year

Welcome back to the New Year. We hope that your Christmas break was spent enjoying good food and good company and that you managed to fit in some relaxation and rejuvenation. Our office has reopened today and we are hitting the ground running.

Happy New Year 2019

Burswood Park Board - Drone Fly-Through

The recently completed project for the Burswood Park Board buildings involved the replacement of their Machinery and Workshops Building and the Administration Building within a new location. The result was a functional and aesthetic set of buildings that met the client’s needs. Have a look at the drone footage of the buildings here: 


Merry Christmas!


Cockburn Bowling & Recreation Centre - Project Fly-through

Check out this drone footage of one of our recently completed projects, the Cockburn Bowling & Recreation Centre. This project provides great new bowling and community facilities for the City of Armadale, including both shaded and unshaded bowling greens, additional greens for other sports such as soccer, and great indoor facilities for functions, meals and general socialising. Have a look here: 




Melbourne Cup



Check out some of the team celebrating Melbourne Cup day! Can you spot the impressive DIY'd hats?! It is good to see some architectural drawings being used creatively...

NABD Award Winners

2018 NABD Awards

The National Association of Building Designers 2018 Design Awards were held last night and one of our projects, Rossiter Pavilion, which won an award at the state level, was an entrant and took out the national award of Best Public Building Design! The awards were held across the nation via a live simulcast, with the Perth event hosted at the Brickworks Studio on King Street. It was a great night and we are very proud of the hard work put in by the whole team that made our project such a success!

Global Architecture & Design Awards

Our project, The Guildford Hotel, recently came runner up in the Global Architecture & Design Awards in the category of Built Hospitality projects. The awards are given to projects that showcase excellence and innovation in architecture & design. This year, 748 projects were registered from more than 50 countries, spanning architecture, landscaping, urban design, product design and interior design categories. It is fantastic to see such a positive appraisal of one of our projects on a global scale. Have a look at the awards and entries here:


The Guildford Hotel Fratelle Group Pty Ltd

CIDN Christmas Sundowner

Join us at the CIDN (Construction Industry Drinks and Networking) Christmas Sundowner open to all on Thursday the 29th November. This will be a great way to celebrate the year that’s been with those within the construction industry. Who knows, you might even make some new business connections for the next year! $25 entry gets you canapes and a drink at The Shoe in Yagan Square from 5:30-8:30pm. Get your tickets here:



Dinner with the Architect - A Great Success!

Last week Kylee hosted an intimate dinner presentation at the Guildford Hotel. She gave a walking tour, pointing out features and explaining the different historical elements of the building, followed by a presentation revealing the state the hotel was in before the project started, the challenges and discoveries and progress shots along the way. The feedback was great and lots of personal stories were shared by the attendees of their relationship to the Guildford Hotel. It was fantastic to engage once again with the community in regards to this project and hear the positive reactions to the hotel!

Here's a few snapshots from the event:



Northbridge Apartment DA Approval

Development Application approval has just been received for an exciting apartment building that we have been working on in Northbridge. We managed to get approval for a 6 storey development within a 4 storey area. The building incorporates a large range of innovative features such as car stackers, modular construction elements, electric car and motorbike hire and charging stations, PV integrated roof tiles, solar preheated water, individual energy usage monitors, significant amounts of external areas, landscaping and vegetation with a heavy emphasis on native waterwise plants and more. This building will be fantastic to live in with such great features and in a great central location.



Dinner with the Architect - Guildford Hotel

Dinner with the Architect

Next week, to mark the 10 year anniversary since The Guildford Hotel fire, the Hotel will be hosting a Dinner with the Architect - our architect, Kylee Schoonens. Kylee will be hosting a walking tour and presentation at the Guildford Hotel for the event: Dinner with the Architect. This will be an exciting event, food is included (at a great price!) and a very personal approach to explaining the project, it's history and challenges. Learn about how The Guildford Hotel was rebuilt after the fire, and how heritage features were preserved. Get more info and tickets here:

Plants Transformed into Lights

MIT Engineers have experimented with embedding a firefly enzyme into the leaves of a plant to make it produce light. So far they have seen success despite at this stage only low light levels having been achieved which eventually wear off. However this is still an incredible innovation and they are continuing to work to optimise the light production, hoping to increase the brightness, extend its effects, and having the plant respond to sunlight and ‘switch off’.


Can you imagine the day where your bedside lamp is not a lamp, but instead a pot plant?

Plant Light



Wireless Charging Pads

A cool little feature that you should start to see more of are wireless charging pads. These can be installed in a myriad of places. Imagine how handy it would be if you had these installed on some desks in your office, or public libraries or even on café tables?

There are a couple of places around Perth that have these now, including public bench seats around Victoria Park. Have you seen these anywhere?

Have a look at them here:



Wireless Desk


Skylight Innovations – Any Building, Any Room

Natural lighting is important in buildings and a much sought after feature.  As architects we are well aware of how lighting can transform a space. We strive to incorporate natural light into every space, mindful of how much this can impact the comfort and the atmosphere of a space. Natural lighting is known to have many benefits for your health and has been proven in many studies to increase productivity. Additionally, natural lighting provides energy and cost savings as it reduces the need for artificial lighting.


In the past, access to natural lighting has been limited to spaces that are on the perimeter of a building or that have easy access to the roof for skylights. Advancements in the area of skylights are now seeing their application in spaces that would have traditionally been not considered feasible.


Solatube uses technology that can refract light around corners and even 90 degree bends within the skylight to access hard to reach places. This means that spaces do not need to have unimpeded direct vertical access to the roof for it to work. This brings natural light into lower floors of buildings, even to underground levels, and within spaces that are deep in the center of a building with no perimeter access. The design of the skylights means that their effectiveness does not depend on the position of the sun but can take advantage of any sunlight throughout the day regardless of position and they can even be dimmed. Solartube skylights are thermally regulated so that with the light excessive heat does not enter the building.


Here’s a video of how the skylights work:



Augmented Reality: Improving Architecture

Augmented reality has developed in leaps and bounds in the last few years and we are seeing it used in many different ways such as games, like Pokemon Go, and in medicine such as mapping certain body parts during surgery.


Interestingly, architecture is one field where augmented reality is providing valuable alternative design and communication tools that will transform the industry. The main benefit is the creation of a virtual building in full scale that you can ‘experience’. This is beneficial both for the client and the architect. Instead of the architect trying to communicate their design through drawings and models to a client who is often not familiar with interpreting these, the client is able to see a full scale projection of their building in front of them and understand completely what has been designed. The architect also benefits in that they can see specific elements in a simulation of their application. This ensures greater translation of the design intention to the results; different element options can be tested in combination with one another, and more accurate adjustments made.


We can’t wait until this is commonplace – we think that this will only serve to increase the quality of architecture that is produced. Here are some great examples of augmented reality being used in real time:


Microsoft HoloLens

Drone Footage: Rossiter Pavilion

Here’s a better look at our newly finished Rossiter Pavilion from a drone, courtesy of BlueChip Group:

The $800M Robot To Beat Uber



In the media lately there has been a lot of discussion on driverless cars. Most companies have taken the approach to modify existing cars with driverless technology however one company, Zoox, led by Australian born Tim Kentley-Klay, have approached this from a completely fresh perspective, to build a fully autonomous car from the ground up, rethinking the technology to create a type of robotic car.


The cars use a combination of cameras, radars and lidars to map what there is around you, the distance to these objects and their position in 3d planes. The cars are able to navigate from urban areas, to freeways and extremely dense traffic areas seamlessly.


You can see prototypes functioning on their website and they are on track to have a fully autonomous car available by 2020:

Vertical Farms - The Revolution is Coming

vertical Gargen

As our societies develop we are always looking to improve the efficiency of the systems that support them. A company in Tokyo, Mirai, has developed a faultless system for indoor vertical farming. Produce is grown in vertically stacked tray-like systems in a condition controlled room. They are grown hydroponically, each ‘tray’ with a set of adjustable lights above it in a room where temperature can be monitored and regulated.

The benefits to this system are many; being able to control the light, water, and the temperature means being able to reproduce the ideal growing conditions for maximum yield. In addition, extreme weather events are avoided and pests that pose a threat to the produce are eradicated, removing the need for pesticides. The produce is not impacted by adverse soil conditions or limited to areas with fertile soil. Additionally, due to the stacked nature of the system a higher yield per area is achieved. This means that more can be produced in a smaller area, reducing costs and the impact of space restrictions and increasing profit.

Another benefit is that this can be done in urban areas close to consumers. This means reduced transport times and costs, and the produce stays fresher for longer.

This is a radical shift from traditional farming but could be a solution to many problems. What do you think; can you picture this in Perth? With our population set to double by 2046 we might have to adopt these techniques sooner than we think.  Watch this video to see exactly how they work:


East and West Facing Glazing: What It Means for Building Performance


We recently did a little experiment in our office. The main wall of glazing in our office faces northeast (by the way we didn't design the building!) and that end of the office gets pretty warm! We decided to see exactly what affect all this glazing was having on the performance of the office space.

I have a simple little electric thermometer that has two sensors so we can monitor external temperature vs internal temperature. We recorded the outside temperature on a standard day mid morning at 16° as measured by The Bureau of Meteorology. Temperature is measured in a Stevenson screen which is essentially a louvered box so the instrument is in the shade.

The temperature on the outside of our window, in the sun but out of the wind was 24.8° whilst the temperature inside the glass was a whopping 30.4°! That's a temperature differential of 14.4° between the measured outdoor temperature in the shade to the internal room temperature. Can you image what the temperature might be like on a 35° day in summer. Luckily we have a wing wall and eave that will protect the glass in summer.

The moral of this story? Don't design your building with glazing unprotected from our summer sun.
Get winter sun into your building and it will be nice and toasty even on a cool 16° day.

Green Spaces to Reduce Depression


We all know that green spaces are important in our cities and a recent study undertaken in the US now proves that they can decrease feelings of depression. They transformed vacant lots into areas with new trees and grass. In particular, low income neighbourhoods showed as high as a 27.5% reduction in depression rates. Green spaces are not only enjoyable to be in by providing a relaxing public breakout space, but they absorb a lot of heat reflected in city centres and help clean the air. They are beneficial for our mental and physical health.

In all of our projects we are conscious of incorporating elements that encourage a sense of well-being within our buildings; whether it is the use of natural light, comforting materials, or the presence of vegetation within in the building, or at least the sight of it around. We are aware of the physiological benefits to occupants if these are incorporated.

This is important to consider not just in the designing of individual buildings, but also in the planning of our cities and suburbs. This approach encourages higher density living in that if we build up rather than out, we can reserve more areas for open green space to intersperse amongst our buildings.

If you’re interested in the study you can have a further read here:

Aged Appropriate Housing Works Begun

Site works have begun at one of our projects up north. This project is for alternative housing options that provide assisted living to cater towards an ageing community. The aim of the project is to provide accommodation that will enable ageing in place, enhance residents’ independence within a safe environment and enable residents to remain within their community as long as possible.

It is rewarding designing projects that will enhance peoples’ lives and strengthen their community.

Have a look at the progress photos on the siteworks below. Asphalt, kerbs and footpaths won’t be far away and we will really start to see things take shape.




Alita Constructions Wins MBAWA Award for Rossiter Pavilion

The contractor for our project Rossiter Pavilion, recently took out the Master Builders Association award for ‘Best Public Use Building’. Alita were fantastic at bringing our design into reality. The clients commented that they were amazed at how close the final building looked to the original renders.


It is crucial to have a great team working together on projects, because no matter how great your design is if you don’t have a contractor to match then the final outcome will disappoint. Alita Constructions worked with us and the wider team to create a building that achieved the high standard outcome that we wanted. Both ourselves and the clients were extremely happy with the results.


Have a look at the comparison between the design render and a photo of the built product here, can you pick which side is real: the left or right?



Home Base Sustainable Design Seminar



No matter what your project, most people are interested in incorporating sustainable design in some aspect or another. Whether your motivation is for cost savings, creating the most comfortable home, or to be as environmentally conscious as possible. There are countless products, options and information on the internet about sustainable design however it can be difficult to distinguish between what really works, what is most appropriate for your circumstances and what will be the most cost effective in reality.

Come join our director, Adrian Fratelle, at Home Base this Saturday the 28th July as he presents on just these ideas. His seminar will cover things to consider before you have even started your project, design principles that should drive your choices, and discussing particular products and systems and how they work. He will help you navigate your way through the web of information out there so you have a clear understanding of sustainable design. Whether you have a specific project in mind, you just want to be more informed or think there may be a project in the far off future. This is a great opportunity to learn from someone in the know.

Head to the Home Base website here to get tickets:

Rossiter Pavilion Wins BDAWA Award


Rossiter Pavilion won best Public Building at the Building Designers Association WA awards this weekend. Thanks to our amazing client the City of Armadale, contractor Alita Constructions, our consultants and of course the whole Fratelle Group team. Also congratulations to Alita Constructions for winning best Public Use Building between $5 million and $10 million at the Master Builders Association awards.

We think the project was a great success and hope the community does too! Have a look at the Pavilion here:

The Architect, In Conversation: Kylee & the AIA.



One of our directors Kylee Schoonens, recently sat down with the Australian Institute of Architects to discuss heritage architecture. Of particular interest was the discussion around the recently restored and renovated Guildford Hotel. Besides the practical difficulties of the project, they discussed the different philosophies and attitudes taken to heritage architecture, the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches. It's a worthwhile read and interesting to see the pictures of the fire destroyed building and the end product. It can be found in the Autumn/Winter Issue of The Architect, which can be picked up from Boffins.

Property Investing & Sustainable Design

Loftus Rec


Have you ever been interested in investing in property, or perhaps you already have? BIG (Boutique Investors Group) is hosting an event with our director, Adrian Fratelle, guest speaking on innovative design. BIG are a property investment group aimed at educating, training and mentoring all members. They welcome all level of investors from the first home buyer, to the 'mum and dad' investors, to large developers.


The event is on Wednesday 25th July and all are welcome to attend. If this is something that you have ever toyed with the idea of but never done anything about because you felt out of your depth then this will be a great introduction.


Location: The Boardroom at Loftus Recreation Centre, 99 Loftus Street Leederville

Date & Time: Wednesday 25th July, 6:00pm meet for 6:30 start - 8:30pm finish.

Cost: $20 or $30 for couples (cash only at the door), including light refreshments


For more information on BIG, head here:

Official Opening Ceremony – Rossiter Pavilion

We had the official opening of the Rossiter Pavilion in Piara Waters recently. The Pavilion was named after the Rossiter family, who have contributed to the local community since settling in the area before WWI. It was great to have the City of Armadale Mayor Henry Zelones there, along with the City of Armadale’s Andrew Barnett, MP Matt Keogh & whole host of welcome guests. The Rossiter Pavilion is going to be a contender in the UDIA, MBA and BDA awards later this year so keep your eyes peeled!

If you’re passing by Piara Waters take a detour and check it out. Or have a sneak peak here:



WA Australian Architecture Awards

Congratulations to all the winners of the recent Western Australian Architecture Awards. It was great to see a whole range of quality architecture being produced in Western Australia. Most notably, congratulations to Hassell, Cox and HKS for winning the George Temple Poole Award for the new Optus Stadium. Have a look at the entries here:



Innovative Apartments Coming to Northbridge

Our Money Street apartment development in Northbridge is helping push the boundaries for integrating innovative technologies within the Perth apartment scene.


The apartment complex will have an independent company install a high number of Solar PV panels onto the building not only to produce energy for the building’s occupants but to generate a surplus which can then be fed back in to the grid. The building will also be of modular construction techniques and locally built. For the occupants, electric car and scooter hire will be available via an app on their phone with booking schedules and a payment system similar to Uber. Each apartment will also have an energy monitoring system so occupants can measure and adjust their energy usage.


This approach to reducing a building’s energy footprint and therefore running costs is increasingly recognised as integral to successful building solutions for both individual's and society’s needs. We are looking forward to the final outcome of the project and seeing similar innovations around Perth!




Rossiter Pavilion Grand Opening

We recently saw the grand opening of one of our long-anticipated projects – the Rossiter Pavilion in Piara Waters. This new community centre provides beautiful brand new facilities for a range of community groups. It has a playing field, a nature based playground, and inside the pavilion is a large main hall, rooms for meetings and other purposes, changerooms, a clubroom and canteen facilities.

Projects like this help to reinvigorate the community by creating a place where people can get together to play sports, meet with their special interest groups, and socialise. When we invest in facilities that look and feel good, people will use them and our community will strengthen!

Check out the interesting ‘V’ form that the pavilion takes below and here:


Piara Water Playing Field and Pavilion - Updates

Works are progressing well with construction of the building walls and roof taking shape. The buildings unique design is already generating interest.
IMG_3553 IMG_3554 IMG_3546 IMG_3357

National Association of Building Designer Awards 2017






Fratelle group went to the NABD awards last night at the Brickworks Studio. We were up for 6 awards, we are very excited to have taken home 4 of those awards.

Best Alteration / Addition Commercial Design - The Guildford Hotel
Best New Commercial Design - Prowse Street
Best Heritage Design - The Guildford Hotel
Best Non - Residential Interior Design - The Guildford HotelGui_Hotel_0665


Fratelle Group Newsletter

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Smart Women in Built Environment Conference - Singapore

Kylee Schoonens is an international guest speaker and panelist at the Smart Women In Built Environment conference, a part of the BuildTech Asia exhibition, Singapore.

Organised by the Prestressed and Precast Concrete Society, Structural Engineering World Congress and Sphere Exhibits Pty Ltd, the inaugural Skilled, Motivated, Articulate, Resourceful, Transformed – SMART Women in Built Environment conference addresses the current progression and empowerment of women professionals in the built environment sector within the region.

The conference features discussions by leading women professionals from Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore as well as female representatives from various Government agencies. It will examine roles, responsibilities, challenges and personal journeys of women professionals in the industry, as well as various national initiatives to empower them to excel in the built environment sector. The event is supported by Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), BCAEngineers Australia and the National Association of Women In Construction (NAWIC).

Fratelle Group - Most wins at the 2017 BDAWA Design Awards

0255 BDA WA Awards 2017 _JHG7617


We are very proud to announce that Fratelle Group were awarded 6 BDAWA Design Awards on Saturday night, we took home 5 awards for the restoration of the Guildford Hotel and 1 award for Prowse Street. We are now in the running for the National Design Awards including the highest award, the Design Excellence Award held in Canberra in November 2017. Only a few weeks ago, The Guildford Hotel received a commendation in the Heritage Category at this year's Australian Institute of Architects Western Australia Awards, and also shortlisted for a Heritage Council Award for Conservation and Adaptive Re-use.

The Guildford Hotel - Winner

- Best Commercial Alteration / Addition over $1M

- Best Public Building Design

- Best Heritage Design

- Best Sustainable Design - Commercial

- Best Non Residential Interior Design

Prowse Street - West Perth Offices - Winner

- Best New Commercial Buildings over $2M


Guildford Hotel wins Award


Fratelle Group were awarded a commendation in the Heritage Category at this year's Australian Institute of Architects Western Australia Awards.  Only a few weeks ago, The Guildford Hotel was shortlisted for a Heritage Council Award for Conservation and Adaptive Re-use.  Thanks to our clients, Guildford Activate and Publican Group Australia for your support on the project, to our consultants and the contractor, Ultimo Design and Construct.

Business World Australia - Fratelle Group Article


Check out Fratelle Groups article in the latest BWA Magazine

BWA Magazine


The Embankment - Housing Now Available

Our affordable smart housing designs for ‘The Embankment’ in the Riverhaven Estate in Martin are now available for purchase. The estate is in a beautiful area in close proximity to many national parks and would be ideal for families and those looking for a quieter lifestyle. Have a look at this flythrough video to see the area and houses:

The Embankment


The Embankment2The Embankment3The Embankment4

Cockburn Bowling and Recreation Centre & the Piara Waters Playing Field and Pavilion - Tender

Two of our projects have just hit the tender stage – Cockburn Bowling & Recreation Centre and the Piara Waters Playing Field and Pavilion. It is exciting to see these projects reach these milestones which means that we will see construction in the near future! Have a look at the renders of these projects below to get an idea of what the finished product will be like.

Cockburn Bowling and Recreation Centre:





Piara Waters Playing Field and Pavilion:


Piara-Waters2 Piara-Waters


Perth Stadium Site Visit

Recently some of the Fratelle Group team were fortunate enough to go on a tour of the New Perth Stadium in Burswood. It was impressive to see the large structure under construction. Here's a sneak peak of the Stadium: Perth-Stadium-(1) Perth-Stadium-(3) Perth-Stadium-(2)

Property Council's 'Big CBD Projects' Lunch

Fratelle Group joined with Charter Hall to host the Property Council of Australia’s ‘BIG CBD Projects’ lunch this week. It was great to see so many familiar faces and the large range of attendees is always testament to the strength of the property industry of WA. Thanks again to the Property Council for providing the forum through which we can create connections across the industry to work together to see it thrive.

Watch the Property Council's website for more interesting events that are upcoming.


Forrestfield Shopping Centre Completed

Refurbishment works to part of the Forrestfield Shopping Centre have been completed and the shopping centre has been transformed. The outdoor area which includes a nature playground and alfresco area has provided an engaging space for the community to gather. The area (named The Junction) hosted a Mini Food Circus in January, February, and March with circus workshops, face painting, shoot outs with Perth Wildcats players, food trucks, live music and more. And just recently Dome Café which fronts the area has opened up.  Head down to have a look and keep an eye out for future events on the Hawaiian Forrestfield website!


Australian Institute of Architects - Awards Presentation

Mid March saw the presentation of projects to the Australian Institute of Architects at UWA for the Architecture Awards. Kylee presented the Guildford Hotel in the Heritage, Commercial and Interior Architecture categories. 149 projects were entered across all categories so it was a great day for those who attended to see what has been happening over the last year in the architecture industry in Western Australia. If you haven't been down to check out the Hotel for yourself have a look at some photos here:


Yelo Kitchen - Now Open!

Oxford’s street newest addition is the popular Yelo Café which we saw completed for our client early this year. This café conversion fits right into the unique character of Mount Hawthorn and is jam packed with Yelo Café’s usual delicious home made goods. Head down to grab a coffee or a bite and check it out.



Christmas & New Year Closing Period

Fratelle Group will be closing our office from the 22nd of December until the 9th of January for the Christmas & New Year period. We wish you all a safe and happy holiday during this period and look forward to hearing from you in the New Year.


Changes to the DAP system announced

Planning Minister Donna Faragher today announced a number of changes to the Development Assessment Panel (DAP) system.


The WIP Around with Kylee Schoonens - Property Council of Australia


The Property Council sat down with Fratelle Group Director Kylee Schoonens.

See the Full Article here


Exclusive look inside the historic Guildford Hotel reopening




The historic Guildford Hotel, gutted and all but destroyed by fire nearly eight years ago, will officially reopen its doors next Thursday.


To keep up to with news on the Guildford Hotel follow the facebook page below:

Guildford Hotel re-emerges from the ashes eight years after blaze gutted interior


The Guildford Hotel has been a popular local landmark sitting smack-bang in the centre of town for more than 100 years.

"I love old buildings and being able to bring their stories to life," Ms Schoonens said.

"We have had so many great comments and people saying how much they love the building. It's been really heart-warming."

Guildford Hotel restoration architect Kylee Schoonens


Guildford Hotel restoration architect Kylee Schoonens says the community response to the restoration has been heart-warming

First look inside the new Guilford Hotel

After three years of hard work, the Guildford Hotel is nearly complete.  This is a project that has been very special to Fratelle Group, having been engaged for both the base build and fitout of the Hotel.  A project that is steeped in history, both through the built form and the involvement with the community.  We have enjoyed uncovering layers of the past and bringing the “grand Old’ Dame” of Guildford back to life.  The Hotel is due to open in a few short weeks.  Here is a sneek preview at what it looks like.  Thanks to Today Tonight for the story.

Construction commences at Carine Recreation Centre

Construction works have commenced at Carine Recreation Centre, and expected to last the next 10 months.  Works are progressing quickly, and we look forward to finalising the new home of Football, Soccer, Softball, Teeball and Baseball within Carine.  Watch this space for more progress photos!


Australian Institute of Architects - awarded Emerging Architect

Kylee Schoonens has been awarded the 2015 WA Emerging Architect Prize, announced at the Australian Institute of Architects FESTIVUS on November 27th.  Kylee was awarded the prize for her deep involved in the practice of architecture, is fired with infectious enthusiasm, and has a motivated enterprise bent. Apart from her practice, she is an Institute of Architects chapter councillor, an effective advocate for gender equity and for promoting the use of architects.

The Emerging Architect Prize recognises an individual emerging architect or emerging architectural collaboration’s contribution to architectural practice, education, design excellence and community involvement, which advances the profession’s role within the public arena.

151208_Stirling Times

Prefab in WA

Builders Choice Magazine

Are you curious about the prefabricated construction industry in WA? There's been an increasing amount of discussion around this industry and we are seeing some very interesting projects going forward with this alternative method of construction.

Have a look at this issue of Builders Choice Magazine - skip to page 41 and read all about the industry including a mention of our director Adrian Fratelle - also a board director of PrefabAUS! There are some great photos of prefab and modular projects within the article. If you want to know more about PrefabAUS or are aware of any new interesting projects that are prefab or modular feel free to give us a call - we would love to hear from you.

The article can be found here and is an interesting and informative read:

New Associates

Congratulations to Andres, Luis & Marco on their recent promotions to Associate ! It is great to see our staff benefiting from the hard work that they put in on a daily basis.

Andres is our lead design architect and has a great wealth of experience in Multi – Residential projects. Andres has also recently completed a degree and thesis in Urban Design.

Luis is head of our interiors and has recently completed multiple office and retail fitouts and is currently working on the Guildford Hotel among other projects.

Marco has extensive experience with community and retail projects. Amongst other projects, he is currently the lead architect on the Guildford Hotel.

Head to the About Us page of our website to view their profiles or congratulate them on LinkedIn.

Fratelle Group takes on the Amazing Race


The team here at Fratelle Group recently took part in an 'Amazing Race' team building day. Organised by 'Achieving Synergy', we were split into three teams and taken to the heart of the Perth CBD where we set off in a race against each other. Work was completely forgotten the instant the race started and the team bonding began as we united towards the common goal of winning the Amazing Race. The afternoon was spent running all over Perth decrypting clues, finding spies, landmarks and undergoing team challenges all in a race against the clock.

Competing neck and neck with the other teams definitely brought out the competitive spirit in all and made for some very funny scenes. All in all it was an adrenaline and laughter filled day. Here's a small peak at some of the things the teams got up to... we don't want to spoil the surprises if you want to do your own Amazing Race - we highly recommend it !


Construct15: Adrian Presents...

Construct15 - Global Knowledge, Global Solutions, a conference on advances in construction practices, innovative technologies and first class research is being held in Perth next week - and Adrian is speaking.

Adrian will be presenting on behalf of PrefabAUS about the prefabrication and modular industry within Australia.

Come along and watch Adrian's presentation along with many other knowledgeable and interesting speakers from developers, architects, researchers, professors, BIM experts, lean construction experts, planners, and a range of presentations, workshops and panels that cover more topics than you can imagine.

To read more here:

To book tickets click on the link below:

PrefabAUS: Perth Sundowner on July 16

On the back of a successful east coast presentation series by Amy Marks, come along to Perth's PrefabAUS Sundowner on Thursday 16th July to discover how Australia’s growing off-site construction sector must change to keep up with an increasingly global industry.

PrefabAUS, industry leader in Australia, will host a sundowner featuring a screening of US XSite Modular President Amy Marks’ lecture series presentation with time for questions and a discussion afterwards. The event is kindly sponsored by Alto Modular and will be followed by networking, drinks and canapes at the Northbridge Brewery.

An internationally renowned expert speaker, Amy will draw on her extensive experience in the overseas prefab market to inform, educate and inspire. She is the president and owner of consulting firm XSite Modular which focuses on enabling and optimizing the use of off-site and prefabrication in many applications, including large, complex, technology-embedded buildings from single dwellings to government buildings, hotels, healthcare buildings and data centres. Amy will outline where prefabrication is leading the way and identify the critical drivers for change in each area.

Discuss prefabricated building technology, the most exciting and innovative movement within Australia’s building industry, with other prefabAUS members - manufacturers, suppliers, architects, engineers, research bodies and client groups from across WA.

Watch a short presentation, network and learn from:

Amy Marks, XSite Director, member of Singapore Government's Building Construction Authority
Professor Peter Newman, Curtin University – Author of ‘New horizons for sustainable manufacturing’ Professor of Sustainability, Director of Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute, Board Director of PrefabAUS
Adrian Fratelle, Director at Fratelle Group – Board Director of PrefabAUS

Thursday 16th July, 5:00pm - 7:30pm
Northbridge Piazza Community Building for Amy Marks Presentation,
Northbridge Brewery for networking, drinks and canapes afterwards.

To book tickets click on the link below:
Or for more information on prefabAUS follow the link below:

Kylee's Q&A with the PCA

Kylee recently sat down for a Q&A for the WA Property Council of Australia. It's a great article - if you receive the PCA Newsletters you would have seen it otherwise check it out below:

KS Interview Q&A

Guildford Hotel Roof Complete

IMG_8787 IMG_8767

Last night the very exciting Topping Out ceremony was held for the Guildford Hotel to celebrate the completion of the roof! It was a fantastic evening and very exciting to see such impressive progress on the hotel. It was great crowd of a variety of people coming together, including the owner, Luke Martino, MLC Alyssa Hayden, local council members, the project team and some local community members to celebrate this milestone.

Have a read up about it here:

To keep up to with news on the Guildford Hotel follow the facebook page below:

Q&A with Kylee


Kylee recently participated in a Q&A about creativity, inspiration and architectural trends. Here's how it went....

How would you describe your architectural style?

“My style is diverse, and this is reflected in the fact that we have so many types of projects that we work on [at Fratelle Group]. Each project doesn’t adhere to the same style every time. We make it specific to suit the project. So I guess it’s not so much a style, but an inspiration we take for each project from an idea or the client brief that informs our approach to that particular design.

For example, at the moment we are working on a number of projects that are quite contemporary, including office buildings, recreation and retail centres, and multi-residential units. But we are also designing a number of heritage projects, such as the Guildford Hotel, which needed to be quite sympathetic to the style of the era.  Our aged care work needs to be driven by function of the building, rather following than a singular design concept. And finally, we are designing urban projects such as a bridge, which is super modern with lots of flowing lines, brightly coloured and is very different to any of our other projects.

Each design approach responds differently to our client’s brief and the context of the project, but having a strong story for each project from the project outset is very important, and carrying this through the design to completion. There is not one single style that I find is continuous through every project at Fratelle.”


How would you say your architectural style and focus evolved over your career?

"I think my design style has become more refined after being exposed to different projects and knowing what works and what doesn’t. Also trying to push the boundaries of design with projects is not something I have really shied away from, therefore we really challenge our ideas.

I think it’s important to test ideas and test the boundaries of architecture through your designs. But also ensuring projects are buildable and cost effective because at the end of the day you can come up with the most amazing, fantastic looking design but it is no good to anyone if you can’t afford to build it."


How do you approach each project creatively?

"It’s very much a collaborative team approach at Fratelle Group. In terms of our creative methodology we start with getting into the head of our client to create a really robust brief. We do spend the time trying to understand their drive for the project and how they will interact with the space for the long term, not just how many rooms they need and how big they need the building to be. The outcomes they want to achieve, the experience they want to have in the space is all important to us to gain the best understanding for the project. Its more than just about the construction of the building, it’s about how they will interact within the space into the future.

This is actually a really fun process, workshopping ideas with our team and allowing those creative juices to flow. “


What are the characteristics of great architecture?

"To me great architecture doesn’t have to be obvious or iconic. You walk into a space and it just feels right. A space feels right if it is designed correctly and the trick is being able to capture this from an initial idea, and staying true to that idea to completion of the building.

Sometimes it’s something you can’t explain and you don’t have to - because you just walk in and the space is light and airy, it feels well resolved and it provides moments within the space. So yes, good design it’s not excessive…it’s not gaudy and it’s not in your face…

And that’s the thing, because there are so many different styles of design, not just in architecture that I appreciate. I think high quality finish is always important. You can always tell if something is good quality. You always know.”


What are the key trends for 2015?

"In Australia we have so many amazing materials being brought to market, so to me it’s about exploring new materials and allowing these materials speak for themselves. Not trying to cover them up with lots of extra bits. So raw natural materials within buildings I feel will be a design trend.

I think the increase of digital resources available to the profession is allowing us to also test new materials and design concepts in ways that haven’t been possible in the past. Computer aided modelling is allowing us to further test the limits of design, and with the increase in virtual modelling, it is becoming easier for us to explain our ideas to our clients, and model concepts in their built environment further than ever before.

Another key trend would be sustainability. Whilst this is not a new “trend” more a necessity in design, every year sustainability in design is becoming more and more important as we are becoming increasingly conscious as a society of the long term impact we are having on the environment. At Fratelle we often look towards carbon neutral or reduced impact carbon footprint being intrinsic to our designs for projects if the budget allows, rather than just tacking products that reduce water or power consumption onto the outside of a building. A passive approach to sustainability is always a preferred option, allowing patrons to use the space as they intend without needing a master’s degree to operate a building effectively.

Excluding these, I don’t feel like I stick to ‘trends’ in architecture, certainly when it comes to design fads. A trend to me is something that comes and goes quickly and architectural buildings are here for a long time, that long outlast current trends – architecture needs to be timeless.

That’s not to say that the built form and the spaces we design aren’t contemporary or ‘now’ but its not something I would look at as a pure driver of our designs….You don’t want people to look at a building in 20 years’ time and say ‘oh that’s from 2015’."

No Apartment Oversupply in Perth

Urbis_Apartment Growth

An article in today's West Australian on property economist Urbis has dismissed claims that Perth is facing a looming apartment oversupply. Urbis is confident that with increased house prices, land shortage, and shifting demographics, the densification of our city is gaining traction. They cite factors such as off-the-plan sales for the misunderstanding of apartment supply and demand levels. A survey of 79 active apartment projects found that 68% had been sold and most projects were sold out or very close by the time they were finished. However in 2014 only 17% of dwelling approvals were for apartments.

We see increased apartment supply as benefiting our population and that reports similar to the one from Urbis are positive news for our city.

Click the image above to read the article. 

Kylee is on the WA Chapter Council for the AIA

aia chap.

2015 is proving to be a very busy and exciting year. Kylee has been announced as a new WA Chapter Council member for the Australian Institute of Architects for a two year term. The Chapter Council is responsible for managing the AIA’s business in WA and this is a great privilege for Kylee. It is fantastic for Fratelle Group to be involved with the AIA in this way – this provides Kylee with increased opportunity to advocate for architecture in WA.

Kylee - WA Architecture Awards Urban Design Jury Member

aia awards

Kylee has been selected to be a jury member for the Urban Design Committee for the 2015 WA Architecture Awards, following on from her role as Chair for the 2014 Awards Commercial Committee jury. The presentation to the juries is held on Saturday the 21st of March at the University of Western Australia’s ALVA Campus in Nedlands and is open to the public. Come along to listen to presentations on great design – you may see Kylee or some of the team there! Or come down to see one of our projects - we have entered our Balcatta Office & Industrial Development into the Commercial category of these awards.

For more information on the awards view them here:

Property Council Committee Selections for both Kylee & Adrian.


Exciting news for both Adrian & Kylee from the Property Council.

Adrian has been selected to the Property Council’s WA Residential Committee for a two year term. This committee addresses legislative, social & economic issues affecting high density residential development in WA. It identifies networking, advocacy & research needs in the residential sector & coordinates events, products & services.

Kylee has been renominated to the Property Council's WA Commercial Property Committee for a two year term. This committee focuses on major legislative and economic issues that impact on the development, ownership and management of property as an asset class.

You can see the full committee list of members here:

NAWIC Sundowner - all welcome !

150218 - NAWIC - Welcome Back Sundowner Feb'15-01


As members of NAWIC – the National Association of Women In Construction, Fratelle Group welcome you to join us at The Standard at 5:30pm next Wednesday 18th February for a Sundowner.

This should be a great event to socialise, show some support for NAWIC and find out more about what NAWIC does – everyone is welcome - men and women ! Please refer to the invitation for more details.

Perth – “Go up or go bust!”

Aerial photo of Perth's northern suburbs for commercial property

Planning Experts are pushing Perth to "Go up or go bust". There is an increasing demand for residences with our rising population, but Perth is failing to keep up with adequate apartment development. Despite new developments, only 25% of new homes in Perth are apartments compared to 70% in Sydney. Watch the video for more information…

Guildford Hotel (rear development) - Scheme Amendment is initiated

We are delighted with the outcome from the City of Swan's Council meeting on Wednesday December 17 2014, initiating the Scheme Amendment for the mixed use development to the rear of the Guildford Hotel.   Fratelle Group, along with our consultant team will now continue our community consultation throughout the advertising period to ensure the best outcome for the project.  We look forward to progressing this project in 2015 and to continue the restoration of the Guildford Hotel.

Guildford Hotel plans approved

You can read more on the link -



Kylee Interviews at RTRFM - Design Matters Show

RTR FM Interview

Recently Kylee was interviewed on the radio station RTR FM for their "Design Matters" show. This show is run fortnightly by RTR FM to look at Perth designers and what they're doing locally and beyond. Kylee chats about design, architecture, Perth, touching on recent projects and women in the construction industry. Check out what she has to say by clicking on the audio link below:


Guildford Hotel 3D Scan and Model


Guildford Hotel 3D Scan_Compilation

We are employing the most advanced technology to document the changes to the historic Guildford Hotel. Working with BCE Surveyors, we have 3D scanned the whole building and are now using this in our BIM modelling software to provide real-time 3D documentation for the project. This is just the start of the change to the Hotel. Watch this impressive video below to see the 3D model:

Guildford Hotel Grant Awarded


Fantastic news for the Guildford Hotel - the Heritage Minister has approved a grant for $100,000 towards reconstructing the hotel's belvedere. It's exciting to see such support for this project from the State Heritage Office. Hopefully this assists with the speed of the project - the pressure is now on to ensure we meet the time frames to reopen the Guildford Hotel.

Heritage Council of WA approves roof for Guildford Hotel restoration

October 15 2014

An artist's impression of what the restored Guildford Hotel would look like. Photo: Supplied

The first major restoration works to the Guildford Hotel could soon begin, after the Heritage Council of Western Australia signed off on the next stage of plans.

A tip-off to Radio 6PR's Breakfast show's Rumour File late last week suggested the hotel, which was gutted by fire in 2008, would soon have a roof again.

"Roof cover for the Guildford Hotel is imminent. Heritage Council just approved plans for a permanent cover structure," the message read.

The interior of the Guildford Hotel is increasingly in a state of disrepair.The interior of the Guildford Hotel is increasingly in a state of disrepair.

That tip-off was confirmed on Wednesday, with news the Heritage Council had given its approval.

"The Heritage Council supports the partial re-roofing of the Guildford Hotel as it is consistent with the original roof form and will be a positive outcome for the place," State Heritage Office executive director Graeme Gammie said.

"The City of Swan is the decision making authority who will give approval for the works."

The Guildford Hotel has not been open since a fire in 2008.The Guildford Hotel has not been open since a fire in 2008.

Project architect Kylee Schoonens said an amended development application was submitted to the City of Swan earlier this month, and that a decision was expected in coming weeks.

"The installation of the roof will help to tie the building together structurally and protect it from the elements," she said.

In another win for the hotel, a grant of $100,000 was awarded by the State Government on Wednesday. The funds will be used to reconstruct the building's belvedere.

timeline of works for the restoration was released by hotel owners last month. Debris and graffiti have already been cleared from the historic site.

Hotel owner Luke Martino said he was "delighted" with the progress to date.

"The next steps, of course, are critical to determine the economic viability of the site as a whole. We are working hard to ensure we continue on as we have begun," he said.

The Publican Group, which runs a number of Perth venues, including The Aviary, signed an agreement to lease the site in June with a view to re-establishing the hotel.


Kylee Guest Speaking at AIPM & YEPP Info & Networking Event


On October the 16th the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM), and Young & Emerging Project Professionals (YEPP) are holding a networking and information event on "Creating Work Success".

Kylee has been invited to speak at this event which is aimed at providing guidance to young professionals on how to manoeuvre the challenges and opportunities of professional life to achieve success. If you are interested in attending additional information and ticket purchase can be found on the AIPM website here:

Abseil for PMH

AbseilforPMH Image

Fratelle Group has accepted the challenge of participating in the 2014 Abseil for PMH! The event is a fundraising activity in which participants get to abseil down the 125 metre high Woodside Plaza building in Perth’s CBD – as long as you fundraise the minimum amount for the children at Princess Margaret Hospital. We have assembled a team of 4 brave participants to take on the challenge to help PMH support WA’s most vulnerable children.

This year the money raised will go towards helping doctors determine how to accurately administer medication dosage to children via ventilation machines. Come down on the 31st of October to check out the adventure or donate to the Fratelle Team to help support the children at PMH.

For more information or to donate to the Fratelle Team follow the link below:

Kylee Guest Speaking for "Little Girl Big Dream" Masterclass

Masterclass Image


Kylee Schoonens has been invited to be a guest speaker and facilitator at the “Little Girl Big Dream” Masterclass at the beginning of October. This is an impressive event held for a small number of high calibre young professional women to give advice and teach them how to navigate the professional world to attain their goals. Throughout the event Kylee will be speaking alongside Lisa Scaffidi, the Lord Mayor of Perth and participating in workshops with the women where the two of them will facilitate these workshops with the masterclass participants. Kylee and Lisa will both share their experience and knowledge on the day, drawing from their personal experiences to help young professional women grow and succeed in their careers!  For more information or to purchase a ticket head over to this website:

NAWIC Panel Discussion a Big Success


Last night, September 11th the National Association of Women in Construction hosted a panel discussion on “Building Blocks for the Future: extending the life of Perth’s Construction Boom” followed by networking drinks. Kylee participated as moderator of this event and the evening was a hit!   Jenny and Kylee are also both co-chair for the Event Committee and worked hard to make this event a success.

With guest speakers Dale Alcock, Jemma Green, Gail McGowan, & Robert Wallwork all giving their own insight into Perth’s construction industry, where it is going and how we can shape this – the dialogue was stimulating and covered everything from the rise in construction costs, to transport issues, urban sprawl and new construction technologies such as prefabrication.

NAWIC holds events throughout the year, for more information on NAWIC head here:

The ‘new’ physical model

The New Physical Model

Check out this video of the 'new' physical model.

At Fratelle Group, we are always looking to incorporate the latest technological innovations, to better present our ideas to our clients. With the widespread use of 3d modelling, physical models are now rarely used. However, nothing presents an idea better than a physical model. This is why we are very excited about the ‘’new future physical model’’.

Adrian Elected to PrefabAUS Board of Directors

PrefabAUS logo_Image

PrefabAUS hosted its inaugural conference in Melbourne this week. With attendees and speakers from around Australia and the world in attendance – it was a great success. The conference highlighted the largely untapped potential that this industry holds for the construction industry in Australia.

After the conference the annual AGM was conducted and new board directors were appointed. Fratelle Group is proud to announce that our own director Adrian Fratelle was nominated and accepted onto the board. "I'm proud to be accepted onto the board to what is an important part of the future of Australia's construction industry. Prefabrication of building components and even complete buildings off site reduces construction time and raises the quality of construction. It reduces waste, is safer for workers and has far less impact on the community and our environment. Prefabrication is not here to replace traditional construction but sit alongside, providing an exciting alternative".

The inaugural conference was a great success with developers, builders, architects, manufacturers and prefabrication companies all attending, providing some stimulating conversation on the future of our country's construction industry.

Perth will host PrefabAUS events in the coming year. For more information on upcoming events and membership, please head to the PrefabAUS website: