Green Spaces to Reduce Depression


We all know that green spaces are important in our cities and a recent study undertaken in the US now proves that they can decrease feelings of depression. They transformed vacant lots into areas with new trees and grass. In particular, low income neighbourhoods showed as high as a 27.5% reduction in depression rates. Green spaces are not only enjoyable to be in by providing a relaxing public breakout space, but they absorb a lot of heat reflected in city centres and help clean the air. They are beneficial for our mental and physical health.

In all of our projects we are conscious of incorporating elements that encourage a sense of well-being within our buildings; whether it is the use of natural light, comforting materials, or the presence of vegetation within in the building, or at least the sight of it around. We are aware of the physiological benefits to occupants if these are incorporated.

This is important to consider not just in the designing of individual buildings, but also in the planning of our cities and suburbs. This approach encourages higher density living in that if we build up rather than out, we can reserve more areas for open green space to intersperse amongst our buildings.

If you’re interested in the study you can have a further read here: