Innovative Apartments Coming to Northbridge

Our Money Street apartment development in Northbridge is helping push the boundaries for integrating innovative technologies within the Perth apartment scene.


The apartment complex will have an independent company install a high number of Solar PV panels onto the building not only to produce energy for the building’s occupants but to generate a surplus which can then be fed back in to the grid. The building will also be of modular construction techniques and locally built. For the occupants, electric car and scooter hire will be available via an app on their phone with booking schedules and a payment system similar to Uber. Each apartment will also have an energy monitoring system so occupants can measure and adjust their energy usage.


This approach to reducing a building’s energy footprint and therefore running costs is increasingly recognised as integral to successful building solutions for both individual’s and society’s needs. We are looking forward to the final outcome of the project and seeing similar innovations around Perth!