Making Places that Boom: Kylee Schoonens Property Council Panellist

Panelist Property Council Kylee Schoonens

Our director, Kylee Schoonens, has been selected by the Property Council to be a panellist for their event ‘Making Places That Boom!’ at the end of August. She will discuss what it takes to make successful spaces that people enjoy and are attracted to. The event will feature discussion from a speaker and 3 panellists, including Kylee. Don’t miss the chance to hear about contemporary strategies to put soul into places, personal placemaking stories, and what drives economic success.
It is important that spaces are reflected upon to distil what drives people to or from them. With industry investment into this process we will see better architectural outcomes, which will strengthen the communities that inhabit these spaces and the broader community across Perth.

Come along and listen to the panel’s discussion on placemaking in Western Australia. Register here: