Skylight Innovations – Any Building, Any Room

Natural lighting is important in buildings and a much sought after feature.  As architects we are well aware of how lighting can transform a space. We strive to incorporate natural light into every space, mindful of how much this can impact the comfort and the atmosphere of a space. Natural lighting is known to have many benefits for your health and has been proven in many studies to increase productivity. Additionally, natural lighting provides energy and cost savings as it reduces the need for artificial lighting.


In the past, access to natural lighting has been limited to spaces that are on the perimeter of a building or that have easy access to the roof for skylights. Advancements in the area of skylights are now seeing their application in spaces that would have traditionally been not considered feasible.


Solatube uses technology that can refract light around corners and even 90 degree bends within the skylight to access hard to reach places. This means that spaces do not need to have unimpeded direct vertical access to the roof for it to work. This brings natural light into lower floors of buildings, even to underground levels, and within spaces that are deep in the center of a building with no perimeter access. The design of the skylights means that their effectiveness does not depend on the position of the sun but can take advantage of any sunlight throughout the day regardless of position and they can even be dimmed. Solartube skylights are thermally regulated so that with the light excessive heat does not enter the building.


Here’s a video of how the skylights work: