The Guildford Hotel – Revitalisation Begins.


The revitalisation of The Guildford Hotel is once again underway.

With the recent acquisition of new tenants ‘The Publican Group’ and new Architects ‘Fratelle Group’ engaged, together with Heritage Consultants and Town Planners ‘TPG’ and Heritage Structural Engineers, Airey Taylor Consulting, momentum is building and the first stage of works are underway.

One of the most visible improvements to the building’s facade has been the removal of the graffiti from the building facade. Described as a “small victory for the community” by head architect on the project Steve Irvine from Fratelle Group.

“And, the site has been secured and made safe by ‘Ultimo Constructions’, ahead of the next phase of the hotel refurbishment” says Irvine. “The removal of signage and debris from the hoarding was removed from site.” And, the iconic socks put there by passionate local residents have also been removed, but their relevance won’t be forgotten.”he says.

Director of architecture firm Fratelle Group’s Kylee Schoonens adds, “We have taken professional photography of the Hotel, including features such as street art inside the building, and even the protest and we hope to represent this artistically in some way in the completed project. We see this stage of dereliction, although not ideal, as another stage of its history and a powerful message from the community for their love of this building.”

And now with the site secure, the new and passionate team can focus on the further rejuvenation of the site, such as cleaning up the site and installing a new permanent roof to further protect the building.

“From here, we just want to take one small step at a time’ says owner Luke Martino. “We are conscious of the community’s passion and investment in this iconic project, and we are working hard to have the Great Old Dame rebuilt.”

Key Facts and Figures

Minor Urgent Works on the building have recently been completed.

21 Aug 2014: Urgent Minor works completed as follows;
• Removal of foreign material from site fences and gantry
• Removal of foreign signage from site fences and gantry • Secured the perimeter wire fence
• Remedied leaking mains supply
• Make building secure – Changed padlocks to single key system for gate and storage sheds

23 Aug 2014: Removal of graffiti completed

Coming Up
12 Sept 2014: Heritage Council committee meeting to review approvals for further pre-enabling works including a permanent roof structure to protect the building.
19 Sept 2014 (TBC): The leveling and clean of back of site. Date TBC.