Upcoming Residential Home Open


Our sister company, Ecohabit, is hosting a home open for one of our residential projects on Sunday October 27th. Come and explore the recently completed cottage extension project in Kensington. We will be opening the home with the builder ISMART Building Group to show you around and answer all your questions. This is a great opportunity to experience a passive house design in person and see different technologies in action and what great results can be achieved in a sustainable home.


One amazing feature of this house is the airtightness. Air leakage is a significant contributor to heat loss in winter, and loss of cool air in summer, and causes higher energy usage, higher bills, and more carbon emissions. There are different approaches to combatting air leakage which you can explore at the site visit whilst experiencing what it is like to inhabit an air tight home. We recently had a team site visit on a stormy day and the building was incredibly airtight, once you closed the doors the house was amazingly quiet.


Click here to register for this free event and for further details. If you want a preview of the house, you can have a look at some of the great photos that we have snapped of the house throughout its build here!