Vertical Farms – The Revolution is Coming

vertical Gargen

As our societies develop we are always looking to improve the efficiency of the systems that support them. A company in Tokyo, Mirai, has developed a faultless system for indoor vertical farming. Produce is grown in vertically stacked tray-like systems in a condition controlled room. They are grown hydroponically, each ‘tray’ with a set of adjustable lights above it in a room where temperature can be monitored and regulated.

The benefits to this system are many; being able to control the light, water, and the temperature means being able to reproduce the ideal growing conditions for maximum yield. In addition, extreme weather events are avoided and pests that pose a threat to the produce are eradicated, removing the need for pesticides. The produce is not impacted by adverse soil conditions or limited to areas with fertile soil. Additionally, due to the stacked nature of the system a higher yield per area is achieved. This means that more can be produced in a smaller area, reducing costs and the impact of space restrictions and increasing profit.

Another benefit is that this can be done in urban areas close to consumers. This means reduced transport times and costs, and the produce stays fresher for longer.

This is a radical shift from traditional farming but could be a solution to many problems. What do you think; can you picture this in Perth? With our population set to double by 2046 we might have to adopt these techniques sooner than we think.  Watch this video to see exactly how they work: