What do you find is the biggest change in what your work life looks like?

“Just the human contact. I am still talking to people every day, but my day is just lacking in as much human one on one contact. Being able to turn around and ask someone a simple question, you don’t realise how much you take that for granted. Being at home, you have to call someone and they may not answer, it makes some things a lot harder.”

What do you find is the biggest change in what your home life looks like?

“Having both my husband and I needing to find permanent work spaces in our home. Normally we would share the study, but with both of us working full time from home this isn’t feasible. I work in the study and he works in the dining room. It’s difficult to keep work separate when one of us has to work in the dining room.”

What is the hardest challenge in working from home?

“Motivation. It is a lot easier to get distracted at home. You have to learn to just shut off from the things that you would normally do at home. It’s easy to think, ‘Oh I need to do the dishes’ or have other household things that you need to do distract you, but you just have to get into the mindset that the rest of the house can wait until I’m done with work for the day.”

What do you enjoy the best about working from home?

“The flexibility. It can feel pretty relaxing, not having to choose what to wear everyday, or to wear makeup. And I am saving a lot of money not eating out!”

What is your ‘hot tip’ to achieving a good balance of work/home life?

“Definitely doing something at the end of your work day to create a boundary between work and personal time. Especially if you can get out of the house and get some exercise and fresh air, it is so good for your mind and to help keep you feeling healthy.”

Are you working from home? How has this impacted your work and other aspects of your life? Are you able to find the positives in this situation?