Our director, Kylee Schoonens, is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in designing dementia friendly environments, having been the architect on numerous aged care facilities which cater to those with dementia, in addition to being on the board of Bethanie, and having presented papers at an International Symposium on Designing for Dementia. Designing for dementia is a very specific and involved process. Every aspect of the physical environment needs to be considered from the incorporation of safety features, to sensory stimulation (as this decreases with dementia), the use of high contrast between areas and objects, avoidance of confusing bold patterns, the use of familiar, visible and easily identifiable items, to very defined self-evident layouts with line of sight orientation with reference points. These are just a handful of things as an example of the detailed understanding of how dementia impacts peoples’ lives and how this needs to be incorporated into the design of environments for those with dementia. If done correctly and thoroughly, these environments remove barriers that can confuse and distress those with dementia, and enable them to live more engaged and happier lives. When we all do our part in supporting those with dementia, we can improve lives and ensure that no one faces dementia alone.