Included in the design of Reside on Money was a fleet of vehicles, both car and motorbike, for both the residents and the local community to use in one of the ground floor tenancies. These vehicles are either petrol hybrid electric vehicles and/or battery electric vehicles. This fleet is to be controlled via an on-line booking app for approved users, with priority going to the residents, and then to the general public in the neighbouring community. The charge is based on cents/km or 15 minute intervals, whichever is greater. This system is beneficial both in reducing carbon emissions, and also in the cost reduction estimations of 20% compared to owning or leasing a carbon-based fuel car.



The issue of energy usage was a key area of concern in creating a sustainable development. The design for Reside on Money was for a closed loop energy generation system with storage for additional energy redundancies. Integrated PV roof tiles were chosen to reduce power load required for water heating in combination with translucent PV panels for natural light. A centralised redox flow battery allows for large scale energy storage and caters to the electric vehicle charging stations included in the design. Included in the design was a geothermal or airsource heating & cooling system, which absorbs thermal energy from either the air or the ground and transfers this into a fluid for use in the building to regulate internal temperatures in a more efficient and sustainable means. Electricity generated would be charged to the tenancies by cents/kWh plus a monthly connection fee, with a targeted cost saving of 20% in comparison to using grid energy, in addition to the benefit of carbon emissions savings.



Keeping with the sustainability goals of the development, the water usage in Reside on Money was designed for a closed loop capture and storage system with scheme redundancy. A multi-layered managed and monitored system ensures health standard compliance. 100% green technology and chemical free treatment is used as water in the development is treated according to grey, brown, and black water categories.


Smart Living:

Many smart living features were integrated into the design of Reside on Money for smooth building operations and to empower residents with detailed information on their resource usage. Smart Living tablets in all apartments enable residents to monitor power and water usage, connection to the entry intercom, lift control, and hire cars.


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