Planning & Development Amendment Act 2020 – Responding to Covid-19


Passed by the WA Parliament at the end of June, the Planning & Development Amendment Act 2020 just this week received assent. This amendment to the Planning & Development Act 2005 is a part of a suite of planning reforms which include measures that respond to the significant impact that Covid-19 has had on WA’s development. The main aims of the Act are to help facilitate significant projects for the state, reduce red tape, and refocus which planning areas are prioritised. The most significant change is the new Development Application process for significant developments – that is decisions are to temporarily be made by the WA Planning Commission in order to streamline and fast-track the process.


This will be followed up in the future by a second act, part of a general review of the planning system to improve the system, facilitate the creation of better places, to make the process easier to understand and navigate, and to improve consistency and efficiency throughout the planning system.


What impact do you think these changes will have to development in WA?