Strata Title Amendment Act: In Effect May 1st

With the Strata Titles Amendment Act coming in to effect in just a few short weeks, we have a look at what this once again means for strata owners, tenants, managers, developers, sellers and buyers. Commencing the 1st of May, many new regulations will be in place to ensure fairer conduct by all involved in strata properties and greater options for strata developments.


Some of the changes that we will see are pre-sale disclosure obligations, more effective dispute resolutions, fairer scheme terminations, property maintenance regulations, improvements in scheme management to minimise disputes and make fairer conditions for strata tenants. We will also see additional options allowing for modern advancements such as electronic communications, clearer statutory duties for strata managers to hold them to a standard, the creation of a new leasehold strata and the allowance of more flexibility with staging of subdivisions.


Some of these changes are undoubtably complicated with significant ramifications for each party involved. To uncover the specifics for each new change, you can read the Amendment Act that was passed by the WA Parliament website here:$FILE/Strata%20Titles%20Amendment%20Act%202018%20-%20%5B00-00-01%5D.pdf?OpenElement

Alternatively you can visit the Landgate Strata website here: that has significant resources and explanatory documents for the changes.