The first 6 units have been designed to accommodate aged residents who have disabilities or dementia. The 2 bedroom 1 bathroom units have essential features such as step-free entrances, hobless bathrooms installed with grab-rails to improve safety and independence, flush thresholds from inside to the exterior deck, and raised planter beds to increase the ease of gardening. Additionally, on site there is a communal space, with a grassed area surrounded by a footpath and gardens, with a covered semi-enclosed communal building with tables, sink, and a BBQ. The units have been awarded Livable Housing Australia’s highest level of ‘Platinum Certification’ for the design.

Providing adequate aged appropriate housing within the local community, including for those with disabilities or dementia, enhances social engagement and personal confidence for seniors. The 6 independent living units have incorporated universal and dementia enabled design to provide a sense of safety while promoting independence for residents with impaired mobility and/or cognition.

We are very pleased with the end result, it is great to see our communities strengthened by these projects, and we look forward to the next six units being completed. To find out more about the project, head here:

Photos courtesy of the Shire of Irwin.