Bite Restaurant

Our clients wanted to establish a family friendly restaurant for locals and visitors to Bindoon so they could have a good meal and a nice relaxing time out with their family, and friends.  The design brief called for a contemporary, clean, uncomplicated yet functional building which complemented the rural and architectural landscape of the town

Energy efficiency and a low carbon footprint was of high importance to all parties so Fratelle used a steel exoskeleton which dramatically decreases heat gain and makes construction time much faster. Highlight windows to the northern elevation of the restaurant flood the dining area with light as  well as heating up the polished concrete slab in Winter  which warms the whole building and in Summer the windows open up to allow good natural extraction of warm air. The open verandah running along the side of the building encourage cross ventilation which also cool the space during the middle of the day.

The selection of prefabricated elements, including roof and wall cladding and other materials in the building, and a largely pre-manufactured construction methodology was employed by Fratelle in the project.  This meant the project was constructed in only four months saving the client significant costs.

Moving to the interior of the building the design is exposed steel framework, face brickwork, polished concrete, timber framed doors and windows which combine to provide a warm country feel with a hint of industrial rawness. The overall effect is that of inner city chic meets country charm.