Onslow Airport

The Onslow Airport is modern in approach, yet uniquely Onslow in its appearance. Taking our cues from the beautiful Onslow landscape, the design resembles the long, extruded white salt piles on the outskirts of the town and the surrounding rugged plains nearby. The angular white roof form rolls over the terminal’s extra wide eaves and verandahs and meets the ground to create natural breezeways for arrivals and departures externally, and to visually connect the building to the natural red earth. The burnt orange eaves mimic the natural terrain by twisting and turning, reflecting the Pilbara landscape character.

The yellow angled columns vault through the building to reflect the wirey trees that line the Onslow coastline and twist upwards to meet the dancing roof. Walls are made of layered steel and concrete that reflects the many colourful layers of earth below the surface exposed in the nearby gorges, rivers and mountains.

Creating a statement for travellers arriving via air or land, the sweeping plains of the roof and walls create a welcoming statement that will embed in the minds of all passengers. The floor plan is regular and rectangular to ensure space efficiency and allows for future expansion when required. It has been designed to be constructed rapidly, with many of the rooms built in modules and transported to site, saving on-site construction costs and keeping within the project budget.