Wattle Grove Shopping Centre

The design of the retail development meets the criteria of the Wattle Grove Village Centre master plan in regards to locale of the shopping centre. Scale, size and massing of the built form reflects the suburban location and nearby residential developments, whilst also creating a focal feature that creates a unique entry statement to the new Village Centre. Addressing both Hale Road and the POS, the design of the centre is an outwardly facing concept to encourage patron activation on both the external fringe and throughout the mall space of the centre.

The design influence of the built form has originated from the surrounding hills and the natural surroundings of the site.  The undulating forms of the nearby escarpment have been used as an element to break up the long elevations of the building through the introduction of varying wall heights along all facades. The aluminium fascia treatment that forms the north and south entry statements also reinforce this design concept. This gives the building a feeling of connection to the streetscape, whilst allowing it to stand apart and provides a feeling of prominence against its neighbours