Balcatta Office & Industrial Development

  • Balcatta
  • 3 Storey Commercial Development
  • Office, Warehouse/ Light Industry

The direction for this office development sought to create a visually striking and modern facade representing the prosperous commercial / business activity of the precinct. The Office building creates a prominent corner expression to the site, using angular forms on the facade to form the entry statement and provide solar protection to the glazing.

Large warehouse facilities are often driven by their internal functions, our treatment of the facade helped to give meaning to the concrete box. The colours of the development are a play on three influences, the calibration marks used for the testing equipment, the corporate colours of the tenant, and the red dirt from the Pilbara, where Mining is an important element of the business for the tenant.

As a whole the development rejuvenates this highly visible site providing a landmark design within Balcatta and transforming what was previously an underutilised and unattractive location into a unique Balcatta focal point for its setting.