Reside On Money

  • Northbridge
  • 6 Storey Apartment Building
  • 22 Apartments, communal roof deck, ground floor garage with car stackers

This project is a mixed use residential apartment building located in the heart of Northbridge. The 6 storey building will be using the latest in sustainable design, including solar power, geothermal heating and capacity for electric car charging. An electrical vehicle sharing system is in place for residents and locals to eliminate their footprint on the environment.

The building will incorporate a roof top terrace, with edible gardens, and BBQ facilities, and private gardens to encourage relationships between residents. Construction of the apartments will be using modular offsite construction, with the apartments 99% complete before being installed on site.

The design has been engaged in consultation with the local government and residents, and fine-tuned based on the responses. Ideas like reducing the bulk onto Money Street and increased landscaping has been incorporated in response to community consultation. The design strives to achieve a number of sustainability objectives, including increased solar energy use, reduced water usage and cross flow ventilation, while using modular construction to restrict the level of waste during the construction process. We have employed the principles of Design WA in the architectural response, with penetrating natural light and dual aspect apartments throughout the design.

Construction works began April 2020.

5 storey apartment building with vegetation and screens in Northbridge in daylight
streetscape panorama of 5 storey black, white, and grey, apartment building with vegetation and screens in Northbridge in daylight