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This Subiaco Office Fitout design was based on a specific briefing from the client with the focus on creating a professional environment that incorporated the use of unique design characteristics to fit the clientele and corporate vision. In order to ensure the success of the project the design team created a welcoming, corporate and aesthetically pleasing environment which focused on the need to incorporate clever interior elements that provide acoustic security, a welcoming and safe space for clients.

The main guidelines included minimal corridors with the use of soft curves to joinery elements, a high level of acoustic security, each interior space to have a view to the outside where possible and to ensure the designed elements were guided by the effective corporate profile that reflected the work and people the client supports.

The brief was adhered to by the clever use of finishes, including natural timbers and water elements, an organic shaped reception desk that provide the spatial division without large corridors and clever construct methods to ensure the appropriate levels of acoustic performance. The new closed offices were designed with a clever window covering system to allow clients to view the natural landscape surrounding the building whilst blocking out the visuals of the traffic. Walls were encased with timber paneling as a visual representation of a cocoon-like safe space. The foyer area featured a water feature with soft graphics and corporate branding elements connected by clever floor finishes and carefully selected loose furniture and interior elements.

timber cladded office boardroom with pivoting doors
timber cladded office waiting lounge with pivoting doors to the boardroom
office reception with stone angled reception desk and wall
office waiting lounge with timber cabinet walls and timber doors