Waterfront Heritage Restaurant & Bar

  • Fremantle
  • Heritage Warehouse Renovation
  • Restaurant, Bar, Al Fresco, Function rooms, Retail

This concept design explored the possibility of converting a heritage listed warehouse into a new hospitality venue. Located adjacent a waterfront, the design was to breathe new life into the heritage building and provide significant amenity to the area. The design consists of a bar and bistro, with flexibility to use the spaces for functions and events. Our approach emphasized the historic nature of the building, retaining key elements in the new design, including the original roof form, envelope and structure, the windows and doors, and a significant proportion of the cladding. The interior of the large building has been broken down into zones, formal dining, casual dining, and drinking areas, an area dedicated to functions, and a section to display and sell local products. The design incorporates multiple external dining and drinking areas to capitalise on the ocean views. Dividing the large warehouse into these different elements brings the experience of the building to a human scale.