Mixed Use & Apartments

Mixed Use & Multi-Residential Design

At Fratelle Group we recognise that Mixed Use and Multi-Residential Architecture in Perth offers an exciting opportunity for urban, suburban or village infill development, or even a single building, to blend a combination of residential, commercial, hospitality or retail uses, when those functions can be seamlessly integrated and offer unique opportunities for residents and patrons alike.

At Fratelle Group, we get excited about the unique opportunity to offer creative architectural solutions that maximise the synergies between retail, office space, business use and of course residential.  It is about ensuring the best in design efficiencies to get the most out of a development, whilst providing an attractive, liveable place.

We recognise that a successful project requires true understanding of the community, and so we work very closely with communities to understand truly the requirements of each party to ensure a cohesive relationship between the different buildings functions.