Retail & Hospitality

Retail and Hospitality Design

Fratelle Group is proud to have delivered some of Perth and WA’s most successful retail and hospitality architectural design, with multiple awards in this area.

Our team of architects, interior designers and brand specialists work together with retail outlets, shopping centres, restaurants, bars, hotels and other hospitality outlets to maximise engagement with the community, pedestrians, councils and customers to provide attractive design, inviting spaces and most importantly, essential return on investment.

We aim to maximise the potential of retail and hospitality projects, so that they can become hubs of the community, where people can come for interaction, enjoyment, engagement, fulfilment and more.

Our success in this area of architectural design comes from a passion for understanding customer profiles, client requirements, specialist marketing and branding  and coordination of leasing and construction programs.

At Fratelle Group we have concentrated on developing specialist design expertise in the areas of retail and hospitality, so that we can offer a holistic service for our clients in Perth, WA and beyond.